This project has been created by two young entrepreneurs with a desire to give a different approach to football, working from a more educational point of view values ​​above other aspects, being faithful to their method:m the ‘VIDA’ method.

Our experience both in the world of education and in the world of sport, in spite of our youthful team members, gradually, and improving the existing, fit more accurately to the needs of children, those little giants who have so much desire to have fun and learn.

Nacho Paulette Morillo

Superior Technician in Animation and Sports-Physical Activities and Graduated in Primary Education with specialization in Physical Education, is passionate about education, teaching and learning of children is his great hobby along with others such as sports and healthy life.

Many years of experience working with children in different spheres of football and other sports have made it possible to manage a wide range of possibilities and knowledge when creating this project and to carry it out both inside and outside the activities with the children.

Pablo Verdejo Morillo

Graduated in Pedagogy and Trained as Level III Trainer, specializing in Individual Technique, he is another passionate of the world of sports, and education and work with children.

More than five years working experience, they share their professionalism and their good deal with their students.
As expected, it compares 100% to the philosophy of ENJOY FOOTBALL and forming this project, wants to change many things around this sport and the integral education related to it.

To help children learn and understand why they learn, they will be focused on their objectives from an innovative point of view under the philosophy of ENJOY FOOTBALL and its work method.
To implement this project EnjoyFootball has a team that is governed by the same characteristics and philosophy as far as educational soccer is concerned. This is to make improvements day by day.
As it could not be otherwise, the group of trainers that we have at EnjoyFootball, consists of well educated people who share a same style of teaching and ideology when it comes to training children ready to learn and have fun.