ENJOYFOOTBALL is dedicated to the organization of a wide range of events and activities related to football. Many of them never seen before, for all ages and with two factors in common fun and values ​​as a vehicle for learning. ENJOYFOOTBALL, turns football into something more than a sport.

Not only do we look for athletes to learn different aspects of the technique and tactics of this sport, but what we really want to achieve is an education in values ​​that is complemented by the soccer aspects mentioned above.

The teaching-learning process is developed within a fun atmosphere, for us, makes it much more complete and effective.

At EnjoyFootball our goal is to train sportsmen working a series of values, which according to our way of thinking, we consider essential for life. Some of them are:

  • ellowship: Help between athletes is essential, both between players of the same team and between players from different sides.
  • Self-improvement, change boundaries by goals, don’t let anything stop you! If you have clear objectives, with effort and improvement you can achieve what you want.
    ‘Why be better than others?, instead be simply the best version of yourself’, In this sentence we summarize this aspect, that gives added value to the person who assumes it. Striving to improve, for us is more valuable than being better than others, or winning a match ...
  • Respect, knowing how to put yourself in the shoes of others, always helping others in your day to day, to be a good person, and create a more integrated society.

Soccer is a sport, in which there is competitiveness, it is clear, but ... at what level do we have to compete? Is there a healthy competitiveness, in which to assume defeat (always learning from it) and respect the opposing team in victory?
For us the answer is a resounding "YES", in fact, for us there is no other way. No need to cheat or step on opponents who are on the way to become better players. Being the best version of yourself is much more rewarding than anything else.

There are many ways to raise and work on competitiveness, at ENJOY FOOTBALL, we leave the traditional systems, giving a new approach to this competitiveness, and what is ultimately sought in this and all sports is learning.
Learning, which should not be confined exclusively to the fact that "being better technically" or that of "knowing how to get on the field" has to go much further, taking advantage of how big this sport is.